Friday, 17 August 2007

moving on ... Rakey Reports

Tewkesbury Abbey Hall meeting:

The Environmental Agency held an open house for flood victims. I joined Andy Springett talking to Anthony Perry, Area Flood Defence Manager - Lower Severn and the following points were noted:

1. The flood level, for example, in Bewdley was only four inches up their new defences whilst six inches or more higher than the 1947 level at the Mythe and elsewhere.
2. The build up of the Avon and the Severn surge was possibly the main reason for the unusually high levels here. Gloucester docks was below 1947 level and Maisemore was at about 1947 level.
3. We will be given the records of the levels for the last few Deerhurst area floods for comparison.
4. We will be given photographic evidence of the 2007 flood with the highest level boundaries shown and compared to those of the 1947 levels.
5. The EA will supply any information they have to assist us draw up a proposal for improved defences.
6. They will sympathetically consider requests for financial aid to rebuild the presently damaged banks (i.e. Gov't promised aid).
7. They wish us to request them to investigate the gates 'banana' effects, potential strength, need for supports etc. I believe that they would like to take the responsibility for the gates from TBC.
8. They do not really want to discuss our pumps. This is a TBC problem.
9. Mr Perry (who knows our banks well) agreed to meet us (the Deerhurst CP Committee only) next Friday, 24 August, at the Church gates, at 9.00 am, for a flood defence discussion and a walk around the banks and gates. I was requested to invite our MP to the meeting.
10. He would be happy to attend a full village meeting at a later date.
11. There is some EA sceptism about the promised increase in Government aid as the figures quoted include 'coast line defences' and are for 2010.
12. No assistance was offered for clearing our village of the stagnant water.

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