Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Crowley's garage

the crowley's digger drowns!

Swans floating by.

Sunday it might not have been but a great photo from the Crowley collection

Andrew and Pippas under water

how close to the Church? this close ...

Morrises house attached to the Church. A swimming pool left out optimistically!

Des overseeing the flood

Des Samuel, asruvivor of the flood of 1947 looks upon the 2007 version. We hope to add some old black and white photos of some of the old floods eventually.


Marilyn's house with a slight H20 problem.

side view of the Bexsons


a little bit of the slick left from the oil tank spillage that occurred.

look across to Marilyn's house

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

we are becoming a very famous village!

more news on the media front. i suppose it is about stage 3 of the story now.

step1: the disaster - our case flood

step 2: the clean -up

step 3: the recovery - 3 months on and we are entering the third step of the media programme. The media in the form of channel 4 and a high quality magazine is coming to town or village in the next few weeks.

step 4: anniversaries - where are they now? 1 year, 2 year 10 year 100 year when I will be well gone and the internet will dominate the world in ways not really imaginable now.