Tuesday, 7 August 2007

BBC Midlands Today

Giles Latcham, nice guy, was on the phone asking to come down to look at the village that someone had described as a "ghost village" to him. It is hard to describe a village of around 20 houses which gets visits from David Cameron, the Bishop of Gloucester, Archdeacon of Cheltenham, National head of the fire service (with 3 crews!) and still has a lot of activity going on (people toing and froing) as a ghost village. As the decision of where to live become clear there will be less and less activity but think 4 families have made the decision to live in mobile homes so it will hopefully never become a marie celeste village (or as someone put it, the village of the damned!!! a great pun which i can not claim credit for)

The sensibility of those in the village who have not recovered well and are still understandably raw is at forefront of reasons not to invite a camera crew down, but there again if it helps raise questions with relevant authorities (be it the local BC or EA) and gets things moving it could be of some use. There are still houses that have not had their Disaster Care in and if it allows people like Cynthia to get in the house then it is surely worth a little hassle. I am sure the BBC will be sympathetic and understanding to our cause. There are undboudtedly questions that do need answering. Tune into BBC Midlands Today on Wednesday night to see Brad and other villagers on TV.

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