Thursday, 23 August 2007

flod meeting 22nd August


Minutes of the 22 August 2007 Meeting held at ACC Pavilion at 7.30 pm

Attendance: A Leeke, B Leeke, W Morris, W Phelps.
Apologies: K Samuel, T Morris

1. Minutes of the Village Meeting of 14th August agreed as a true record.
2. Matters arising:
2.1 A. Leeke has approached the Charity Commissioners regarding the Company we wish to consider setting up and has considered the ‘Objectives’ issue. He now awaits its comments and advice.
2.2 Payments to J Cutter & M Smith. Invoices now awaited from them. Potential payments by the Yorks Fire Service being investigated. A Schedule of Costs to be requested from the Samuel & Morris families for work done and to be done on the bank (and associated) repairs.
2.3 The ‘Five Families’ (Baker, Crowley, Fay, Lord & Ward) problems to be on the agenda for the EA visit to Deerhurst on August 23rd, and not forgotten.
2.4 Potential clay supply, no new information available.
2.5 Grants. Application forms have been received from Glos Community Foundation and Rotary Club. B. Leeke to complete and submit.
2.6 Following the Tewkesbury meeting with the EA, Mr A Perry to meet the DPCC Members on August 23rd.
2.7 The request for donations from each household to be considered latter.
2.8 All other relevant items covered by A. Leeke’s August 18th report (attached).
3. The August 23rd meeting with the EA should discover if:
3.1 The EA has financial resources to improve Deerhurst Flood Defences
3.1.1 If not, has the EA acceptable intentions for improving the Deerhurst Flood Defences in the foreseeable future If not, would the EA support DCP (Ltd) taking over the banks and undertaking the necessary improvements itself (under EA guidance) and then the EA taking back the responsibility for its maintenance.
3.2 the EA would support the necessary Planning Application for the Defence improvements.
3.3 The DPCC Members will walk around the Defences with Mr A Perry and use the attached report as the basis for discussion.
3.4 The DPCC Members will canvass the EA’s views on an extended Defence from point D on A. Leeke’s Report’s Map to the Church Yard surrounding the three properties & Chapel.
3.5 The EA’s views on the Fay’s & Crowley’s defence will be sought.
3.6 The EA’s experiences on working on consecrated ground along with the associated approval requirements will be sought.
4. The gates and pumps will need discussion with TBC (possibly Chris Pike, Adrian Clemence)
5. Cleaning up the village. Each household owner requested to call on TBC, skip suppliers and builders to clear up, tidy or remove as much mess as possible. Damaged curbs will have to wait a while for the major building work to finish and equipment to leave.
6. The DPCC members expressed sincere gratitude for the kind support of both the major landowners families. It continues to be conscious of their livelihood needs and how the future improvements must tie in with their livestock/ planting/ harvesting requirements.

Next Meeting: TBA.

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