Friday, 31 August 2007

meeting 30th august


Minutes of the 30th August 2007 Meeting held at ACC Pavilion at 7.30 pm

Attendance: A Leeke, B Leeke, W Morris, T Morris, K Samuel, W Phelps, B Checkley.
Apologies: J Rutter

1. Minutes of the DPCC Meeting of 22nd August agreed as a true record.
2. Matters arising:
2.1 A. Leeke is in liaison with the Charity Commissioners.
2.2 Payments to J Cutter & M Smith. Invoices now submitted to the Yorks Fire Service. A Schedule of Costs has been requested from the Samuel & Morris families for work done and to be done on the banks.
2.3 The ‘Five Families’ (Baker, Crowley, Fay, Lord & Ward) problems discussed with the EA on August 23rd and will be covered in A Leeke’s report of the visit. (Please also see 3.1 below).
2.4 Potential clay supply, Keyway Ltd to visit the village on 31st August.
2.5 Grants. Glos Community Foundation has declined to offer us a grant. Rotary Club application now pending for £3000.
2.6 The request for donations from each household to be considered latter.
3. B Checkley’s ‘Deerhurst Flood Protection Strategy’ (attached to these Minutes) was debated in some depth. Actions resulting:
3.1 B Checkley’s contacts to carry out a full topographical survey. A DPCC meeting will then be held to determine the level of protection required and consider appointing a consultant to draw up a full engineering design. Whether or not the family homes of Baker, Lord & Ward can be incorporated into the design will be determined when flood volume compensation and costs are more fully understood.
3.2 A Leeke to write to A Perry (E.A) confirming the points determined on the August 23rd visit.
3.3 A Leeke to contact Church House (Jonathan Mackenzie-Jarvis ?) to understand the Diocesan/ Heritage viewpoints regarding the churchyard and disturbing consecrated ground.
3.4 W Morris to mark up a village drawing with all known drains, ditches and outlets for B Checkley’s survey.
3.5 B Leeke to liase with M Calway regarding potential grant aid. For the above 3.1 survey and design phases, a worst case sum of £15,000 will be required (i.e. should we appoint an hydrologist).
4. W Phelps’s village survey: copies have been distributed requesting completion and return to him. A Leeke requested an additional map feature and will supply it for circulation.
5. W Phelps volunteered to build up a web site for the village.
6. Good House Keeping publication. It was agreed to explore the potential benefits of having a reporter visit the village to write a sympathetic article (and give a charitable donation ?).

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