Friday, 31 August 2007

flood strategy



1. Full topographical survey of the existing flood bunds, gates, cemetery, area of land north of W. Morris farm, Kens lower yard and surrounding areas to oddas chapel. Also as many recorded marks of water levels as possible. The main drain from Aeroplane cottage to pump station and outfall. The estimated cost I would anticipate would be around £1500 to £2000. Time scale 2 weeks.

2. Subject to water levels we then need to decide the level of protection required on a long term level. We could decide to go for 2007 flood level plus 600mm of freeboard protection this would probably add about 800mm to a 1m to the levels. ( Alternatively we could model a 1 in 1000 year event plus 5mm per annum for global warming. This is currently standard practise in Wales under Tan 15 which is far more stringent than the English PPS25 legislation.

3. Appoint an Engineering Consultant to carry out a full engineering design including cross-sections and full specification for the bunding, gate upgrades and any new retaining structures. This would include Geotechnical advice on the suitability of soil properties for flood defences.
In addition the design of new drains and new pumping station to adequately drain the village from the low point T junction adjacent Aeroplane cottage in times of local flooding.

I understand some walking of the banks and discussion has taken place but I would propose a pure engineering solution followed by discussion and negotiations with the various land owners.

This process could be 4-8 weeks. Cost to be investigated. £2500-£5000?

What may be useful would be some land registry searches to establish full legal ownership of the lands in question.

4. Incorporated into the full design would be proposals for protection to Odda House (Wards) and Abbots Court (Lords).

This may need some modelling as I understand the EA may look for some flood volume compensation. This would require the release of the “Lower Severn Hecras model” from the EA. This may or may not require some changing to the north-north eastern area to compensate for the south- south western area for example. This would require the appointment of a hydrologist but I have good contacts with ex EA experience including involvement in the study of the upper and lower Severn catchments.

Timescale 3-4 weeks Cost? £4000 to £8000?

5. This then needs to be driven by a Planning application with the full support of the local political system to deliver an approved solution.
The EA and all other bodies like English Heritage are consulties to the planning system and can be over ruled by the planning committee!

This process could take 3 months cost?

The general principle for Archaeology is as long as it is buried over and not disturbed then it is acceptable. I have many test cases in my development background including places like Cirencester town centre.

I recognise that we need to maintain good relations with the EA and other bodies to ease the whole process.

6. Secure the funding through whatever bodies including the EA is possible to action the engineering works.

7. Action engineering works in accordance with an agreed programme/ timetable. (As soon as possible as we are busily progressing works on our property’s but this will all be in vane if we fail to protect our village.)

8. Long term maintenance:- We need to decide on a suitable vehicle or authority to maintain the “comprehensive flood protection works” We do not want a fragmented disjointed maintenance regime. Normally the EA would maintain the flood defence works i.e. the bunds gates and any other retaining structure and the local authority Tewkesbury BC maintain the drains and pumping station. As we have learnt that the maintenance works to date have been very poor.
I propose we have a 6 to 12 month reporting procedure with feedback to the committee for information so contingency’s can be actioned.

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