Wednesday, 15 August 2007

flood meeting

another meeting, steering committee formed with sensible people doing sensible things ...

At Apperley CC Pavilion on Tuesday 14th Aug at 7.30 pm

JULY 2007 FLOOD and its aftermath

Mr Ward, Mr Springett, Mr Gardner, Mr MacPherson, Mr A Leeke, Mr B Leeke,
Mr R Leeke, Mr K Samuel, Mr W Morris, Mr T Morris, Mr & Mrs Fay, Mr & Mrs Crowley.
Mr Pollard ( Deerhust PC).
Apologies: Families: Checkley, Dibble, Phelps, Rutter.


1. The Minutes of the Aug 9th Meeting agreed as a true record.
2. Matters arising:
2.1 Company Limited by Guarantee:
Andrew Leeke detailed the benefits of such a Company (see his document of the Aug 9th meeting). Since 9th Aug he has explored the possibilities of acquiring charitable status for that Company. There has been a precedent (Aspen Vale Trust). One major problem lies in determining the Objectives to satisfy the Charity Commissioners. The 2006 Charity Act should make it easier to acquire the status but this Act does not come into force until 2008. Much more investigation is required. Deerhurst Community Preservation Ltd was agreed as a suitably title for a future company.
2.2 Honorarium proposals.
It was agreed that the £712.55 held in the Deerhurst Flood Relief Account at Barclays Bank should be used to appropriately reward J Cutter and M Smith. Action: Messrs Morris and K Samuel to advise on this matter.
3. Election of a Steering Committee:
3.1 Chairman: Andrew Leeke
3.2 Secretary: Brian Leeke
3.3 Treasurer: John Rutter (to be requested to undertake those duties)
3.4 Members:
3.4.1 Land Owners Representative: One from Will Morris, Tim Morris & Kenny Samuel.
3.4.2 Brad Checkley (to be requested to undertake a thorough review of the Deerhurst Village Defences)
3.4.3 Bill Phelps (to be requested to undertake the proposed written Report of the Deerhurst 2007 Flood and its aftermath).
4. The Steering Committee to liase with the Environmental Agency (E.A.) as a matter of priority. Will Morris indicated that Mr Anthony Parry would be a good person to approach as he is a Regional Manager and knew the Deerhurst Floodbanks from being involved with the badger’s burrowing work a little time ago on the Priory Farm’s banks.
5. Other points debated:
5.1 While the focus was on the village banks, the flooding problems of the properties of the families Baker, Crowley, Fay, Lord & Ward should not be forgotten and raised with the relevant authorities whenever possible.
5.2 The present pumps inadequate capacities need discussion with Tewkesbury Borough Council.
5.3 The drain to the ditches leading to the pumps requires enlarging.
5.4 It was agreed that the banks should be increased in height and Mr. Samuel stated that he wished to supply the soil for his land’s banks. He was requested to consider the matter and advise an indication of the expected costs.
5.5 Mr Crawley promised to investigate of other potential supplies of clay.
5.6 Potential grant sources were discussed: Gloucestershire Community Foundation (£1000 - £5000), Deerhurst Church Friends, Insurance Companies, Glos County Council & Tewksbury Borough Council (Government grants and charitable donations).
5.7 The E.A. is holding a series of meetings for people affected by the floods in the country and Tewkesbury area’s meeting is on Thursday 16th August from 12 noon until 8 pm at the Parish Hall, Tewkesbury Abbey. Flooded householders are being encouraged to discuss their problems with the E.A. officials.
5.8 The cleaning up of the village and the repairing of the land around the banks was discussed. It was suggested that each village household should contribute, say, £50 to the funds to help meet the landowners’ expenses.
5.9 The narrow bridge at Over has given rise to much discussion over the years and has contributed to some of our flooding problems.
6. Next Meeting: To be advised following the Steering Committee’s meetings with the authorities.

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