Tuesday, 31 July 2007

the services

We had experience of 3 different services during the emergency - it is hard to define it as an emergency as no-ones live was seriously threatened, even crisis is a little overblown, maybe we will stick with "the Flood" and it is has to be said they were all excellent. We had the fire and rescue service for a number of days with 3 big pumps and the Environment Agency with 2 pumps and now more police patrols in one day than for a while - the fire service was bought in by a couple of phone calls by one of the more pro-active members of the village and the honcho who came down was impressed by the efforts of a small village to save itself and shocked that we were a little alone in the fight.

Due to his intervention we had firemen from Northampton, West Yorkshire and Gloucestershire manning the 3 pumps through day and night (heck, they might be working on 4 times overtime rates but we would still semi-stuck in the village if it was not for them) It is quiet without them already.

The police are already set a semi-permanent patrol but for how long we do not yet know. We shall see.

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