Tuesday, 31 July 2007

diary - the telegraph

the man from the Telegraph arrived with photographer in tow. We have the South west representative who is exactly what you would expect from a Telegraph man - well spoken and dressed with a certain style that says Telegraph man. Nice guy, says all the right things. We try to palm him off to the more interesting Springett story who found out about their house being flooded when they were in holiday in Vancouver/ Alaska (sorry, not sure abou tthe story!) Hopefully, they will use the Lords as their story but the photographer, good guy, seem enamoured with capturing us cleaning up the piano which is wrecked or sitting on the TV drinking a cup of tea that had not seen tea for at least a couple of days! The camera never lies ... it just tells a story! He tells the story of Kate from BBC TV standing in Gloucester giving it large about how disaster the flood was when there were 4 streets in Gloucester left with water. Ever the battle between the forms of media. Simple rule, there is no media truth.

think we are probably seen the last of the media. The interesting story is those who really suffer in the long run due to insurance company intransigence or other government bodies getting in the way!

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