Sunday, 29 July 2007


Saturday or is it Sunday - hours, days and weeks seem to merge into one. The insurance assessor or as someone calls him, the lost adjuster, visits. A slightly incongruous sight of man in suit and wellington boots striding across the fields tells us this man means business. He is sensible and calm and gives us news that we were expecting and a timeframe which is not based on the kind of normal times that is quite disturbing. 40 case notes need to be typed up and sent back, this guy is going to be busy as is all the local builders, chippies etc The bun fight for local surveyors and all the necessary people is going to be interesting.

1) clean up - Disaster Care will come, but do not know when yet. They will tell you what is savable and what the value of your property is. OK, less for us to do but the smell has to be got rid of so can keep blog up to date instead of cutting up carpets and chucking out sofas.
2) dry up - how long? who knows! being a timber framed building it is hard to know until listed buildings come and visit
3) re-build - how long? can you get builders in? need a surveyor in, but as a listed building there are other areas of concern to look at.

The assessor is sound but am sure that he has had plenty of practice.

Time: 6-9 months and his word is get out of the house ASAP and move out all the decent furniture from upstairs into storage. There is something very final being given such a timeframe from someone in the know.

The flood is the easy bit. It is the year after the flood that looks like being tricky.

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