Sunday, 29 July 2007

flood solutions

we will be putting our ideas for potential flood solutions to our specific issue.

1) raise the banks by 2 to 3 feet all the way round the inner river bank. We would feel safe if they do that. Heck, if it got over 3 feet more then Gloucester really better watch out.
2) have a flood gate up the road that had the dam that bust - an adjoiner to point 1. Alternatively, take the flood bank further up Barn Road.
3) dredge the river to increase the flow of water - the silt that has built up is amazing. A local fishing guy reckons the central low point of the river is about 2 foot higher than it was 10 years ago. The cost of this has been seen to be prohibitive though it seems that it has been done in the past.

the process of change is starting - we have had a recent visit from the Environment Agency who asked the right questions but is a huge doubt if they allow us to raise the flood bank as the possible effect on the flood level of Gloucester. If there is a problem then dig out the land that covers the required space that you would have if the water gets over the flood defences. If you do the basic math the level raise is positively miniscule and it would save lets say £.5 million (average houselhold claim is £30k apparently) that insurance companies will be paying out to this small village alone. If an insurance guy reads this, please get in contact with the environment agency!

Progress is never easy or quick and boxes have to be ticked and sub-committees have to be formed. Fine as long as the right people are on the sub-committee! Do not expect immediate change soon to be honest. The simplest methodology is that we price up the work required, get the money and then just do it!

One useful web-site for which you are not alone is: Basically it is common sense advice on what needs to be done when faced with floods.

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John said...

guys the work that you are doing is great, My parents waisted hundreds of pounds on flood defences that will never work